About the Kiddie Korral

Our preschool has been in operation since 1972, and we have collaborated with many families in our community. The preschool has served as a stepping stone that has advanced little ones in their lifelong love, and pursuit of education. Our programs are designed to enhance your child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, social, moral, cultural, and spiritual development. We focus on teaching materials that will aid your child in speaking dual languages, signing and much more.


Our purpose is to serve the community by providing education and child development of the highest quality, provided with excellence by dedicated and skilled instructors. We have a daycare and preschool program for ages 6 weeks – 5 years, and also provide before and after school care for school age students. We want each family to feel our love and be encouraged toward their highest potential.


We believe in producing a stimulating and conducive environment where optional learning may occur. Weaknesses and strengths will be viewed objectively, realizing that all children are unique individuals. Consistent discipline (redirection) will be administered with love and understanding of the individual child. The child will be surrounded by a loving atmosphere of respect, understanding, and appreciation for each other.


Our goal is to develop the personality of each child by providing an educational experience of lasting value in the following areas:

  • Spiritually- by having chapel every week, teaching Bible lessons based on the word of God and praying.
  • Intellectually- by encouraging an enthusiasm for learning, exploring, and hands-on experiences.
  • Physically- by encouraging children to have experiences using their small and large motor skills.
  • Socially- by encouraging participation in group activities, getting along with others, developing a feeling of security and high self-esteem and a sense of belonging.
  • Musically- by encouraging participation in singing songs, listening to music, and playing an instrument.
  • Emotionally- by creating an atmosphere where the child will feel secure, comfortable, and safe while away from the home. A child whose needs are met promptly gains trust, develops a better self-concept and becomes more adaptable to change.
  • Creatively- by participating in art and craft activities such as painting, coloring, pasting, chalk and play dough.

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